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A Sweet Testimonial

Jim Zazenski, Denver, CO I came across Bob's YouTube video 2 months ago after taking…

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My Most Recent Setup Story

I was given the opportunity to set up a pair of Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage…

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This just doesn’t make sense!

I remember years ago attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest with a friend and we…

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Bob’s Belief Statements

Bob's Belief Statements A day without music is not a day Music is more important in…

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More Money Spent sans Hifi Advice

Do you ever feel you have spent too much money on your stereo speakers and…

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Listening Pleasure and Emotional Content

Unfortunately, after about an hour or less of this "listening" session, we turn the music…

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Changing Perception

“You must unlearn what you have learned” - Yoda “Your eyes can deceive you -…

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Hearing Vs. Listening

There is a big difference between hearing things in everyday life versus listening to music at home.…

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Music Truly Does Matter

I love people who say these kinds of things to me. "Music just isn't all…

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Serving the Music with a side of Emotion

What is it about music that makes it have the emotional effect on us that it…

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Image is The Coolest Thing

Audio enthusiasts, in my opinion, are searching for lots of different things when it comes…

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3 Huge Mistakes That Keep You From Reaching Hi-Fi Heaven

Written by Bob Robbins, Rational Speaker Placement Expert