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Music Truly Does Matter


I love people who say these kinds of things to me. “Music just isn’t all that important to me.” “I don’t have time to listen to music.” “How can you just sit and listen – you mean you don’t multitask?”

My favorite reply to statements of this nature is to challenge these folks to go a whole day with no music. Not while they drive around, no  accompaniment to TV commercials and shows, none in movies, none while “multi-tasking”, none in the background while entertaining, no iPod, no music nowhere, no how. Then after the day is done tell me in all honesty that music just “isn’t all that important.”

I’m thoroughly convinced the reason why people don’t listen to music anymore is because they have never heard the full capabilities of their stereo systems. When they do fire up their stereos, the sound is somehow more irritating and annoying than anything else. As I’ve stated in previous articles, the reason the sound is irritating is because the speakers aren’t set up properly. The speakers are just where they can go, not where they belong. The speakers then fight each other, creating phase distortions that are high frequency in nature and really annoying (especially to women), causing restlessness and listener fatigue instead of the relaxation and serenity that great music can and should provide.

My speakers are 8′ apart and I have ambient sound 26′ wide with perfectly accurate placement of all the instruments floating in space. Vocalists are as tall as they are in life and I can visualize them standing at the microphone. There is no sense of there being stereo equipment in my room at all. If I close my eyes or listen with the room darkened, I am a part of the performance, not just a passive observer. When I hear a percussion instrument coming from 6′ left of the left speaker, I can turn my head and “watch” the musician playing it. Even if I sit or stand 10′ away from the “sweet spot” the music remains involving and reveals proper imaging and spatial information. I can listen for hours on end and never get “tired of listening.” It’s so cool!

All this is made possible with the correctly performed Rational Speaker Placement procedure I am an expert in accomplishing. If you want to finally have music provide you with the joy it has always meant to provide you with, schedule a Rational Speaker Set with me, and fully realize how important music is in your life.


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