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Serving the Music with a side of Emotion


What is it about music that makes it have the emotional effect on us that it does? Is it low-level detail, transient response, dynamic range, extended frequency response, midrange neutrality or high frequency delicateness?

I am of the opinion that it is none of those things. Do you evaluate whether or not those things exist when you attend a live musical performance?

I’m betting not. I’d wager that you’re so caught up in the physical, visceral, and emotional experience that live music represents that all the previously mentioned “criteria” of a high fidelity stereo system don’t even enter your mind.

Yet, when we listen to music at home, not only do we listen but we also evaluate or critique our stereo system to a point where we’re actually listening to the equipment, not the music. All the while we’re trying to figure out what different piece of gear or interconnect or “tweak” will solve this “problem” our system has. Quite a “Catch-22” don’t you think?

Music is supposed to be an emotional experience whether it’s live or recorded. Unfortunately, most stereos fail to reveal the emotional message of the music because the speakers aren’t where they belong in the room. The good news is that once they are set up properly, all the aforementioned criteria (and all the others that I failed to mention) are revealed with perfect balance, synergy, and coherence.

After a properly completed Rational Speaker Placement procedure, the music becomes the focus, not the equipment. As a matter of fact, the perception of equipment being in the room vanishes, as you are immersed in the music – all instruments floating in space at their proper height and locale, the ambiance and size of the performance venue convincingly revealed, and a total synergy of sound transporting you to where the music was performed. It truly becomes what it has always meant to be – a physical, visceral, and emotional experience just like a live event.

What I’ve just described can happen in your home with your hi-fi, and you don’t have to invest in any new equipment or hi-fi tweaks. Schedule a Rational Speaker Set with me and get back to listening to the music that you love.


Bob Robbins

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Rational Speaker Placement Expert



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