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More Money Spent sans Hifi Advice


Do you ever feel you have spent too much money on your stereo speakers and hi-fi system in relation to the musical enjoyment you get out of it? You are not alone. I have been a hi-fi buff and music lover for nearly 30 years, and the most common occurrence I have observed with hi-fi guys is the compulsion to upgrade. They feel the persistent desire or need to get something new or different in the hope of making their system sound “better.” Quite often they make this decision without getting or searching for Hifi advice. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get the full potential out of your existing equipment, instead of shelling out a huge sum of money to “upgrade” to a different (not necessarily better) sound?

Regardless of the combination of equipment (assuming reasonable quality of gear), the most important “component” in a hi-fi system speaker placement and speaker positioning in the room. Properly placed and positioned speakers pressurize the air in the room allowing the speakers to work as a unit, pressurizing your ears as they are in life. So, the critical question to be answered is, does the system sing to me? Do I feel that there is no stereo system in the room?

When its right, the speakers aurally disappear, the instruments float in space all in their proper location and the spaciousness of the performance venue is there to be felt. Optimally placed and positioned speakers in a listening environment will create a convincing illusion of a musical performance, a truly accurate stereo image,  with all the emotion and enjoyment of attending a live concert. Most people don’t even believe  hi fi systems can do this, but they can and do with proper speaker placement and speaker positioning.


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