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This just doesn’t make sense!

I remember years ago attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest with a friend and we struck up a conversation with another RMAF attendee. He was really frustrated because his hi fi system just didn’t sound right. It was brittle and harsh sounding to the point he couldn’t even listen to it.

My friend asked him what electronics, speakers, wire and interconnects he had, and if he had any room treatments, etc. I estimated he had invested close to $30,000 ( at retail ) into his system. Both this gentleman and my friend said the same thing – “That just doesn’t make sense. Considering how much you’ve got in your system, it should sound fabulous!” This was very soon after I had attended 3 days of training at Sumiko in California in their MASTERS training. I had told my friend how cool MASTERS was, but he hadn’t yet fully bought into the importance of speaker set up as a critical aspect of any hi fi system.

I suggested that the culprit behind his system sounding as bad as it did was improper, non – optimized speaker placement. I described that his speakers were literally fighting each other, causing dynamic anomolies and phase distortions that were producing the harsh and brittle sound he had described.

Both he and my friend poo–pooed my “diagnosis”, and continued to discuss changes in equipment or wire, etc. that could solve this gentleman’s problem.

Now, as time has progressed, my friend has fully embraced The Art of Rational Speaker Placement as the most crucial aspect for the optimum performance of any hi fi system – so much so that he is my business partner in My Speaker Setup! I only wish I could find that man we talked with, so I could help him.

If you really stop and think about it, if you have good quality electronics, nice speakers, upgraded after – market speaker wire and interconnects, plus you’ve done physical isolation of your gear, and have a decent sounding room – what else can possibly be causing your hi fi to be so irritating to the point you don’t even want to turn it on?

If you don’t listen to your home music system very much – not because you are too busy, but because it just doesn’t sound right, you owe it to yourself to either purchase The Art of Rational Speaker Placement Setup Guide to attempt to fix the problem yourself, or contact me and hire me to perform this nearly magical procedure that will transform your hi fi into what you originally bought it for – to be a mechanism to give you the emotional connection with the music that you love.

Bob Robbins


October 2016

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