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A Recent Setup Story

I was given the opportunity to set up a pair of Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage speakers early in December, 2017. They were powered by McIntosh MC2301 mono amps ( 300 w/ch ), with a McIntosh C1100 pre-amp, along with 2 JL Audio f112 subs. Normally, with this combination of speakers and equipment, a very warm, inviting tonal balance would be expected. This was not the case when I got started.

When I first listened to the system, there was significant “digital glare” (the client’s main concern), a diffused, non-specific center image, (a lead vocal seemed to come from everywhere), limited ambiance retrieval, and a monotone bass characteristic. Not exactly what one would expect from a hi fi valued at nearly $90K retail! All of these problems existed because the speakers and the subwoofers were not where they belonged.

The listening room was only 14 1/2 feet wide, so I was a little concerned about the results I could get with The Rational Speaker Placement process. I needn’t have worried. After about 3 1/2 hours of work, listening, and “tweaking”, the results were quite satisfying to say the least. All the digital glare was gone, with the classic warmth Sonus Fabers are known for, but with improved presence in the midrange. The center image had perfect size and height, along with all the instruments accurate in placement and scale. I made minor adjustments to the subs positioning, crossover points and level so the bass ended up having proper tonality and articulation, and ambiance information traveled towards us along the side walls to be nearly  90 degrees from the listening position.

Needless to say, my client was thrilled! He immediately stated he was hearing things he’d never heard before on some of his favorite pieces of music. The true acid test was when his wife listened and said that everything sounded much better. I am sure that the more they listen, their music will continue to be more enveloping and emotionally involving than they’ve ever heard it.

This is the power and effectiveness of The Art of Rational Speaker Placement. You too can experience results and improvements like this by hiring me to perform this nearly magical set up procedure on your system. Call or email me for system requirements or any other details. My work is fully guaranteed.

Bob Robbins

720-404-7200 Mountain Time USA




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