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A Sweet Testimonial

Jim Zazenski, Denver, CO

I came across Bob’s YouTube video 2 months ago after taking delivery of a new set of Focal Maestro Utopias….as good as they sounded in my less than ideal room, I knew there was more to be had. I watched the video, read from his website, but still didn’t feel comfortable on my own.

I called Bob and being that we both live in the Denver area, it was a no-brainer. I engaged Bob to come to my house and address my system. WOW!!!! In less than three hours, Bob took what I thought was pretty revealing sound with a nice soundstage and imaging and made it so much better.

The bass went from a bowl of “mud” to crisp, distinct bass notes even further defining the stage. I am not Michael Fremer – I cannot write in his terms… all  know is Bob worked with my investment and made it sound even that much better.

I highly recommend getting in touch with him or have him come to your home for “tweaks” you don’t even know you need. Thanks, Bob !

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