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My Room Became the Performance Venue

This is directly transcribed from my most recent customer’s email to me with his full permission.

Thank you Bob! For several years I have been trying to adjust my modestly-priced but high quality music system to make my speakers disappear. I knew the better recorded, mixed and mastered recordings were capable of providing the effect of performers being in my listening room playing real instruments. However, after numerous unsuccessful attempts and increasing frustration, I contacted Bob Robbins and arranged for him to come to my home and perform his speaker set up process.

After considerable positional adjustments of the speakers, listening and further adjustments (sometimes only 1/2 inch), he not only made the speakers disappear, but my room disappear as well. My room became the performance venue. The final demo was listening to the opening rain and gunfire scene of Kevin Costner’s film “Open Range”. No video, just the soundtrack. Absolutely amazing! Out of only 2 speakers, we could “feel” the rain and gunfire, 360 degrees around us, as well as hearing the rain above us. We were in the movie! When we played many of my vintage vinyl recordings, we heard a similar holographic effect.

To those of you who are considering utilizing Bob’s services, do not be dissuaded by the narcissistic know-it-alls who say his set up process is B.S. – it is not! If those individuals have truly great sounding systems, they would be spending their time listening to great music rather than banging away on their keyboards!

If you have Bob set up your speakers, you will save thousands of dollars in future equipment upgrades that you will not have to purchase.

Happy Listening….. Jim Wilson – Carmel, Indiana

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