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WAMM – The Chronosonic Master

Renowned speaker manufacturer Wilson Audio has recently released their most advanced and highest performing speaker ever – The WAMM Chronosonic Master. They tout them as being the most time-domain accurate loudspeaker in the history of the industry.

Each driver is in a fully independent, adjustable module that can be moved in 1mm increments to adjust for different time arrival characteristics of electronics and listening room acoustics.  They are a true marvel of engineering, design, and manufacturing excellence. They represent all that Dave Wilson envisioned for his company.

When properly installed and set up, because of their nearly infinite adjust ability, they literally disappear into the music, and you are left with all the music, and nothing else.

Each speaker weighs 900 pounds, and a pair of them will run you $685,000. Surprisingly, Wilson can’t make enough of them for worldwide demand.

The sonic effect of these speakers “disappearing” into the music is essentially what I do and the result I get with every speaker pair I have ever set up. I realize that’s difficult to believe, but just read the article “My Room Became The Performance Venue” in the blog section.

So, the choice is yours – shell out $685K for the Wilsons, or hire me for $1000 or less (dependent on speaker size, weight and logistics of moving them) to get the best sound you’ve ever experienced from your existing speakers and hi fi system.

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