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New York Joe

This letter was transcribed directly from one of my customers after his experience following the instructions in The Art of Rational Speaker Placement Setup Guide. Many thanks to Joe for sending this to me, and for giving me permission to reprint it here.

To all you Audio Enthusiasts,

I am writing to highly recommend Bob Robbins from My Speaker Setup and his literature, The Art of Rational Speaker Placement.

As with most audio enthusiasts we are always looking for the next level of sound quality out of our systems, whether it be two-channel or home theater. I was doing the same for my system. So. like most people, I went on the web to research what others have done to achieve the most performance from their systems, and that’s where I came across My Speaker Setup. After doing some research about Bob’s method, I came across a video of him at a seminar at the 2014 RMAF. After watching the video, I decided to contact Bob via email. Bob is a very genuine, humble, and kind person who has a strong passion for home audio.

I purchased The Art of Rational Speaker Placement Setup Guide from Bob and was very eager to begin his procedure. Bob has made this procedure very easy to understand. What made this process comfortable was knowing Bob was just a phone call away if I happened to run into any problems. So, with some patience and careful listening, I completed the setup process. It was exactly how Bob had described in his literature. All I can say is I feel very blessed to have found Bob.

His procedure has made my system sound like I made an upgrade worth thousands of dollars. My system has massively gained depth, openness, width, and soundstage. The vocalists are locked dead center! My bass is nice and strong, and imaging is out of this world! When listening in two-channel, the sound completely envelops around me like I am in the eye of awesomeness!!!!

So, if you are looking for a huge improvement in your two-channel or home theater system, don’t hesitate to call Bob Robbins. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. A note to all you home theater enthusiasts, optimized front speakers setup through The Art of Rational Speaker Placement is the foundation for an amazing home theater experience.

Thank you, Joe M

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