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Local Customer’s Thoughts and Reaction

I recently had the privilege of having Bob position my hifi speakers. His expertise allowed for a quick and smooth setup procedure, utilizing his reference material. In my experience, things felt more like a private concert, each song portraying more and more realism until I felt like the artists, and their instruments, were right in my living room. Sometime during the process my speakers disappeared and the pressurization in the air was pure bliss. As a formally trained Audio Engineer, I was shocked to learn how much value exists in the ability to precisely place loudspeakers.
That session in my living room was so transformative for me, and the new experience I was having with my hifi was so outwardly groundbreaking, that Bob extended an invitation for me to hear HIS OWN setup in his home. I immediately accepted his invitation and met him there several days later.
Bob’s setup is uniquely special, but not unattainable for the average person. None of his equipment is particularly flashy nor extremely expensive. But I couldn’t fathom being more immersed in a sonic experience. Everything he details about his room and setup in this video is accurate, and the same goes for the experience it offers. I heard things that I couldn’t believe. Certain recordings had life-sized musicians placed WELL outside where his speakers physically existed. I don’t mean ambient information either, I’m saying the entire individual was clearly represented to the left of the left speaker, MINDBOGGLING! I listened primarily with my eyes closed, but opened them often out of the necessity to calm my strong sense of disbelief.
I’m extremely appreciative of Bob for what he was able to accomplish in my home, and for allowing me to get a glimpse of what is possible with better logistics. His setup and listening environment are something to behold. It’s downright narcotic. Thank you Bob for changing not only the way I interpret recordings, but the level of enjoyment I get out of the music I hold so near and dear to my heart.
Bob Robbins
Bob Robbins
1 week ago
Thank you, Mike. I had a terrific time working with you on your home system and thoroughly enjoyed seeing your reactions to what you were hearing when we listened together at my house. Because of your training in audio engineering in combination with your excellent ears, it was wonderful to experience your appreciation and understanding of what you heard through my system. What a great couple of days!

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