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What About Bob

Bob Robbins got introduced to hi-fi back in 1974 during high school.  He went to a friend’s house and was shown a B&O Turntable – and was instantly fascinated with the aesthetics and engineering of that product.  When in college, Bob and his best friend would frequent stores asking lots of questions about how this hi fi stuff worked all the while educating his ears as to how things are supposed to sound.

Two years out of college Bob landed his first job as a salesman, selling such brands as Harmon Kardon, Boston, Yamaha, Infinity, etc.  After a couple of years he moved up to having the opportunity to sell Nakamichi, Levinson, B&W, Vandersteen, Meridian, Velodyne, Magnepan, and even Goldmund.  The Goldmund Dialogue remains to this  day one of the best sounding and revealing speakers Bob has ever heard.

Something was always missing though, and Bob didn’t know what it was, or how to verbalize it.  Then, about 13 years ago, he was given the opportunity to go to Sumiko in Berkeley and was trained in their magical process – Master Speaker Setup.  Everything he’d been looking and listening for in audio was discovered – the emotional involvement in the music. It convinced Bob that all the talk about the importance of specs, the “criticality” of equipment interfacing, all the buzz words so popular in discussions about audio, were, for the most part, irrelevant.  The most important component in any audio or theater system is the proper placement and positioning of the speakers into the listening environment.  Putting the speakers where they truly belong so they don’t fight each other, so they work in total unison not only with the other speaker but also with the room, is the end all be all for optimal music reproduction in the home.  It will allow the music lover to experience music played in the home with all the sensory “chills and thrills” one gets when attending a concert.

Bob was the 1976 NCAA floor exercise champion, a three time All-American and was inducted into the Colorado State University Sports Hall of Fame in 1994.  These achievements were attained with the same level of dedication Bob uses in every speaker set up.  Where Bob excels beyond others who have also completed the Sumiko training, are his focus, concentration and tenacity.

What Can Bob Do

If you aren’t sure  how to set up your speakers, and you want the best sound quality you can get out of them, then give strong consideration to  hiring Bob. He is the expert in The Rational Speaker Placement process. He will place and position your speakers in the ideal location in your room for sonic excellence, resulting in maximized performance of not just your speakers, but your entire hi-fi system.

Pricing Structure

If you are a do-it-your self-er, you can order The Art of Rational Speaker Placement Setup Guide for only $50 US and work on setting up your speakers on your own. You can always contact Bob for help or suggestions via email or phone. See the Products button to order The Setup Guide.

Our pricing structure for our Setup Service is based mainly on the weight of your speakers, the logistics of moving them to where they belong, and the difficulties (if any) to get them locked in and truly “singing”. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to around a thousand.

Please contact Bob to get information on system requirements,  an estimate on the details and cost of optimizing your speakers for best performance.

There is also the cost of round trip travel from and back to Denver, CO USA

If you are in Denver, there is a modest mileage fee, based on round trip distance.

Contact Bob directly via email at, or call 720-404-7200 Mountain Time USA

Bob’s Guarantee

If, after performing the Rational Speaker Set Placement Process, you feel for any reason, the difference made was not worth the expense, Bob will re position your speakers to where they were and you will not be charged for the time and labor, just the mileage, hotel room and/or flight.

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