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New York Joe

This letter was transcribed directly from one of my customers after his experience following the instructions in The Art of Rational Speaker Placement Setup Guide. Many thanks to Joe for sending this to me, and for giving me permission to…

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Wisconsin Part 2

I was on a forum a few weeks back and came along a thread about speaker placement with one of the participants sharing a link to Bob’s video. So I started to watch it and it was interesting actually intriguing.…

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My Wisconsin Set

This testimonial was transferred directly from my most recent customer's email sent to me 9/18/19. Bob:My System:Martin Logan Expression 13A speakers, Aurender A10 music server, McIntosh C2300 tube pre, McIntosh 601 monoblocks, Nordost Frey 2 and Tyr 2 cables I…

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A Recent Setup Story

I was given the opportunity to set up a pair of Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage speakers early in December, 2017. They were powered by McIntosh MC2301 mono amps ( 300 w/ch ), with a McIntosh C1100 pre-amp, along with 2…

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